I grew up in New Zealand in a small rural farming community before attending boarding school. At college I suffered from a number of ailments and went in search of health with an open mind. I was, like most patients, willing to try anything to feel healthy again. With a supportive family I tried homeopathy, acupuncture, muscle testing, conventional medicine, and healing through food.


This journey and my fascination with the human body led me to study medicine at Otago University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Anatomy and a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. I went on to work as a doctor at Nelson and Wellington hospitals, completing my general practice training in Nelson. I later enjoyed completing a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition through Cornelle University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Women's Health through Otago University.  Using my medical background I continue to explore the evidence-based effects of diet on health. After learning of the health benefits of plant foods, I went on to follow a predominantly wholefood plant based diet. This has had a huge impact on my health and well being. I believe eating in this way also aligns with my personal values around environmental health and empathy for animals.

I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of New Zealand and enjoy tramping, snowboarding and mountain biking around Nelson. My most recent adventure has been starting a family which has given me a deeper appreciation of family medicine and the importance of nutrition for our tamariki (children).

I am excited to share my knowledge of plant based nutrition with others, so that they too can feel their very best.